Possibly since before I entered this earthly vessel and reminded during a psychedelic refresher course circa 1996 my soul has been considering the existence of a theme park called Emotional Rollercoasters. The theme park is to be a site of existential contemplation and philosophical adventure with an aesthetic of mass appeal; a series of artworks that take the form of viscerally experienced, conceptually realised rides.

A place where you can play, roll, ride, hump, wander, wonder, slide & deliver yourself through visceral and conceptual experiences designed to provoke self-understanding, empathy, emotional identification, humour, spiritual development and enhance general awareness.

I am interested in creating an environment outside of the gallery for engaging in art experiences that use aesthetics/ideas that have the potential to fully engage people from non-art backgrounds, and diverse cultural/class experiences. I am interested in making ideas accessible, providing scenarios that reach people, in the interests of influencing change, enrichening existences and generating new ways for individuals to engage with them selves and with the world.

Emotional Rollercoasters sits at an intersection between art institution, museum and theme park and would focus on interactivity and innovation in presentation. Through developing the idea I aim to discover how philosophical and existential questions might be investigated in tactile and sensorial based ways and how these explorations can be presented as interactive works.

Emotional Rollercoasters may be realised in totality or in parts over my lifetime. The website will be an initial virtual realisation and portal for developing concepts in the public realm, attracting collaborators & investors.

I have recently been accepted into a residency/hibernation in Finland this coming January where I will generate the images and text for a full website to start the epic process of generating HYPE for this quite large undertaking. Website coming 2015 at: www.emotionalrollercoasters.org