+61403553061 / misssometimes@gmail.com
Born: 22/05/19811 / PO BOX 3555, Alice Springs, NT 0870 http://www.honeymoongap.com

2016 Golden Record/Shadow Selfie – sound – Watch This Space NT
2016 Conversation Waitresses – performance – Something Somewhere Film Festival, NT
2015 Bloom, A Time Based Exhibition – performance – Collingwood, VIC
2015 Confidence Pad – installation – Little Woods Gallery, Collingwood, VIC
2015 Personwatch – audio/installation – Square of Light, Federation Square, VIC
2015 HUMPY – participatory performance/installation – Love/City 2, Testing Grounds, VIC
2014 HUMPY – participatory performance/installation – Free BBQ Cash Giveaway, WTS, Alice Springs, NT
2014 Psychic Hairdressers – participatory performance – White Night & Dark MOFO
2014 Cry Feel – video – Forever Now, Aphids (online)
2014 Festival of Uncertainty – participatory installation – Emotional Rollercoasters, Auckland, NZ 2013 Blind Sailor – performance – Performance Arcade, Wellington Waterfront, NZ
2013 U are not alone – performance – Home Economics #3, Wellington, NZ
2013 Festivals for Introverts – pamphlet/performance – WOS, NT
2013 Museum of the Long Weekend – social project/installation – Centenary of Canberra, ACT 2012 The Metaphorical Toolboard – sculpture/installation – Massey Wellington, NZ
2011 Font love – performance – Watch This Space, NT Australia
2011 Souvenir – installation – Watch This Space NT, Australia
2011 Trapped In A Postcard – installation – Wide Open Space Festival, NT
2011 Happenings in the Mall – performance series – Alice Desert Festival, NT
2010 OK SLUTS: The Unbearable Whiteness of Being – musical satire – Adelaide Fringe Festival, Wide Open Space Festival, NT
2010 Nyuntu Ngali, Sydney Theatre Company, Wharf Two, The Space, Adelaide Arts Centre, SA 2010 Gold is spun with the Hands and Tongue, Watch This Space, NT
2008 DeLiver: Postcards from the periphery, Art at the Heart Regional Arts Australia Summit, Alice Springs, NT
2008 From the postbox postcard exchange – Art at the Heart Regional Arts Australia Summit, Alice Springs, NT
2006-2009 Ngapartji Ngapartji MIAF, PIAF, Sydney Festival, Dreaming Festival, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Alice Desert Festival & Pukatja creek-bed, SA.
2007 Life at Ernabella – photography – Megalo Print Studio, Canberra

2016 Content development Kulila! App, Ngaanytjatjara Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Womens Council.
2016 Interpreter/translator/voice actor/facilitator Big Cuz & Little J animated web series
2015 Communications/marketing strategist/artist liaison/curatorial assistant – Liquid Architecture 2015 Freelance communications agent/designer/writer/performer – This Changes Everything, No Man is an Island, Incite Youth Arts, SO REAL, Danni Zuvela,
2015 Designer/host/web development – Big hART’s Acoustic Life of Sheds
2015 Graphic designer – Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages, VIC
2014 Program Manager – Regional Arts Australia Summit: Arts & Edges, Kalgoorlie WA
2014 Assistant producer/research producer Blue Angel/Self Storage, Big hART
2012-2013 Creative Producer, Museum of the Long Weekend, Big hART
2013 Song-writing and recording facilitator PY MEDIA, APY Lands, SA
2012 ONTV Tutor, Capital E, Wellington, NZ
2011 Gallery Manager – Watch This Space ARI, Alice Springs
2010-11 Creative Producer Nyuntu Ngali, Big hART
2006-2010 Associate creative producer, choir developer, musician, Big hART’s Ngapartji Ngapartji

(Ngapartji Ngapartji was a long-term intergenerational language based community development and regional development language arts project, based in Alice Springs)
2010-2011 Pitjantjatjara Interpreter Aboriginal Interpreter Service NT
2008 Arts officer/casual support worker Alice Springs Women’s Shelter, NT.

2006/2008 Project coordinator/arts mentor: “Kurungku nyanganyi kuranyukutu/With an eye to the future”. Digital photography workshop.
2006 Manager Ernabella Arts Centre, SA.

2016 The Tender Unraveling. Self-published comic series.
2016 If We All Spat At Once They’d Drown: Comic anthology. Sam Wallman. 2015 Infront of the scenes: Emotional Rollercoasters. Caldera Press.
2015 Ambiguous Bases. Caldera Press.
2015 Three Words: Anthology of Aotearoa NZ Women’s comics. Beatnik Press. 2009 From Sometimes Love Beth. Affirm Press.
2008 Lines of Wisdom. Affirm Press .
2005 Undergrowth 7: Nomadology. Undergrowth.

Sometimes, B., Kelly, A. (2010). Ngapartji Ngapartji: Indigenous Language in the Arts. In John Hobson, Kevin Lowe, Susan Poetsch and Michael Walsh (Eds.), Re-awakening languages: Theory and practice in the revitalisation of Australias Indigenous languages, (pp. 84-89). Sydney: Sydney University Press.
Sometimes, B. Ngapartji Ngapartji. Ngoonjook, No. 35, 2010: (pp. 19-25). Educational Media Unit: Batchelor College

2015 Silence Awareness Existence, Hameenkyro, Finland 2012 Artist Wants a Life, Alice Springs, NT
2011 Splendid Arts Lab, Lismore, NSW

2015 – Performer, TREATMENT, David Cross (Techa Noble)
2015 – Performer, MASS (Field Theory)
2014 – Stage manager, The Dad Show, Punctum Inc. Kyneton, VIC
2014 – Court artist, Northern Territory Magistrates Court, Alice Springs
2011-2014 – Captain CC LEGS of the SS SINGSING Karaoke Cruise Ship.
2012/2013 – Mediation and PR committee member Richter City Roller Derby League
2011/2012 – Founding member of Malice Springs Roller Derby League
2008-2011 – Delivered workshops in postcard-making, collage, zine-making, whip-cracking, guitar- playing, drawing Alice Springs Town Council program.