AWAL – 2012

ARTIST WANTS A LIFE was a camp and arts lab run by and for artists. It was open to practicing contemporary artists of any form or discipline and took place in Central Australia in April 2012.
The purpose of the lab was to create a dialogue between regional/remote artists and urban artists, examine collaboration, and create opportunities for artistic relationships to be formed across the geographic divide. Myself and collaborators were interested in devising a developmental experience for artists around the theme of communication and cultural heat. The program was designed by the provocateurs as a flexible space for experimentation.
Participating artists: Claire Wieland, Mel Henderson, Sia Cox, Patricia Hay, Kelly Lee, Jesse Cox, Lizzy Sampson, Jodie Ahrens, Skye Loneragan, Tessa Zettel.
Provocateurs: Lynda Roberts, Bek Conroy, and mentoree provocateur: Beth Sometimes.
Watch This Space project team: Robyn Frances Higgins, Alice Buscombe and Dan Murphy.
Documentation: Sweatshop Creative, Alexandra Hullah, Josh Davis, Damon Logan.
AWAL was funded by Arts NT and the Australia Council for the Arts.
Thanks to: Doris Stuart (Sacred Sites Tour), MK Turner and the Turner family, Keith and Stella Castle from Honeymoon Gap.

The camp also involved picnics with hanging frocks:

Artist Wants A Life 2012