Practicing the Social: The art of community

Presenters: Beth Sometimes (Watch This Space); Kate Just (Victorian College of the Arts); Danny Butt (Victorian College of the Arts).
The last three decades has seen the increased visibility of artistic practices where the aesthetic values are less in the objects made and more created directly with participants in the work. Variously termed “social sculpture”, “social practice”, or, briefly, “relational aesthetics”, this mode often takes aim at the historical exclusions of the European history of museum and gallery display, and seeks to allow subjugated knowledges a way to be understood as forms of living that present us with potential models for a future.

In this panel, Dr Danny Butt will give a brief history of this work, by way of introducing Beth Sometimes, who will speak about local project Apmere angkentye-kenhe, in relation to its position in this form of practice, alongside a brief insight into her research. Beth will be joined by Kate Just, who often works socially and collaboratively within the community to create large scale, public projects that tackle significant social issues including sexual harassment and violence against women.